Harvesting What You Sow

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Harvesting What You Sow

So last week, my family took part in the Lent Workshop where we made resurrection gardens. We had a great time as a family, and I was glad that so many others participated as well. A part of the gardens is some seeds that we planted in the dirt. At our house, we have been diligently watering them, and we are beginning to see sprouts grow out of the dirt. Noah, in particular, has been extremely excited when he started to see the sprouts sticking up through the ground.

But that got me thinking about something else. Something else happened this week that made me really proud as a father and also a pastor. First, a little background is needed. For a while now, our bedtime routine with Noah and Halo has been this. After getting into PJs and brushing teeth and stuff like that, we go through this routine. First, we have a story-time where we read one or more stories to the kids. Then we have prayer time where we all take turns saying a prayer. Lastly, we each go into their rooms and we have song time. This is someone on one time that we share with each of them, Noah in his bed and usually Halo in our rocking chair. We have the lights off and we just sing songs to them. We started with classic nursery things like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Then with the Disney movies, we have been showing, we ushered in some of those classics. At one point, I started singing them hymns. One that I started singing a bunch is one of my favorite hymns, Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing. Pretty soon, they were requesting it every night.

Well fast forward a bit to last weekend. My aunt and uncle were down visiting from Ohio, and last Saturday night we went down to my parent’s house to have dinner. We, of course, were reminded by Noah that we needed to pray before we ate, but after dinner, something remarkable happened. While I was taking Halo to the bathroom, Noah all the sudden said he wanted to sing a song to everyone. He sang Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing perfectly from memory. Then when I came out, he did it again so I could hear. Then Halo did it too!

I had a proud dad moment because we were seeing the fruit of everything we have been doing. Noah and Halo both want to pray before every meal and before bedtime. They love reading stories and singing songs, they aren’t always glued to the TV, and so much more.

What are you sowing in your own spiritual life or in the lives of your children? The honest truth is this… we are all sowing something, the only question is whether it’s good or not.

My friends, if you put good in, you will get good out, just as you will get bad out if you put bad in.

I hope to see you all on Sunday as we work on sowing some good seeds in our faith life.

Have a blessed week!