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The Gentile Inclusion

May 19, 2019
Peter is being questioned by the Church leaders in Jerusalem. Peter's testimony is from his visionary experience about a sheet being lowered down from heaven. God was making the unclean…

The Female Disciple

May 12, 2019
Tabitha (Dorcas) the female disciple of Jesus who dies and is raised from the dead by Peter. She did many wonderful things while alive, but this story also shows us…
Saul's conversion story on the Road to Damascus.
Mikayla Doty gives the message on Youth Sunday. Luke Baio, Director of Youth Ministries, also shares a few words.

The Resurrection Business

April 21, 2019
The Easter story reminds us we are in the Resurrection Business.

The Journey In

April 14, 2019
Sermon from Palm Sunday 2019. Jesus' entry into Jerusalem. This morning, we are focusing on three small details that enhance the story for us. Please listen to the sermon as…

The Blessings We Give

April 7, 2019
Mary comes and anoints Jesus’ feet. Judas is offended at the cost, but Jesus says that she has blessed him by preparing him for his burial. 


March 31, 2019
The parable of the prodigal son. A story of a reckless an extravagant homecoming.

Spiritual Fertilizer

March 24, 2019
Jesus is asked about God's providence and the reason why certain people were killed. Jesus responds by saying that those who died did not die because they were judged to…

Love Your Enemies

February 24, 2019
Jesus said that we should love our enemies.