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As people are throwing money into the temple treasury, a widow comes in and puts in two copper coins. Jesus tells the crowd that she gave the best offering because…
From John’s revelation about a new heaven and a new earth. That God is making all things new. There will be a day when there are no more tears and…

The Outsiders

October 28, 2018
Jesus, while walking to Jericho, encounters a blind beggar. As the beggar shouts out to Jesus, others tell him to be quiet. Jesus scolds them and tells him to come.…

The Greatest

October 21, 2018
James and John ask Jesus if they can sit at his right and left hand. They are asking to be the greatest in the Kingdom when Jesus comes in glory.
Jesus is asked by a Rich Man what he must do to inherit eternal life. Jesus tells him he must go and sell everything that he owns and give the…
Jesus is being questioned by the Pharisees if it is lawful for a man to divorce his wife. His answer stuns those who were looking to trap him, and it…

The Power of Prayer

September 30, 2018

Spirit Filled

May 20, 2018
Bible Text: Acts 2:1-21 | Preacher: Pastor Zack Landis

Remain in God

April 22, 2018
Bible Text: 1 John 3:16-24 | Preacher: Pastor Zack Landis

The Unexpected Ways

March 25, 2018
Bible Text: Mark 11:1-11 | Preacher: Pastor Zack Landis