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Our online worship for Sunday, August 23, 2020.

Come and Hear

May 17, 2020

Like Living Stones

May 10, 2020
Come and build your life upon Jesus, the Living Stone.

By His Wounds

May 3, 2020
Pastor Zack's sermon from Sunday, May 3, 2020. The title is By His Wounds. From the UM Discipleship Ministries worship series.

God is Our Shelter

January 26, 2020
The Psalmist talks about how God is his salvation and stronghold. In this sermon, we explore how God is our Shelter in times of need.

Are You Ready To Give It All?

September 8, 2019
Jesus talks about the true costs of discipleship. If you aren’t ready to give up all your possessions then you can’t truly follow Jesus. 

Which Crowd Are You In?

August 25, 2019
Jesus heals a woman on the Sabbath, but people complain saying she should have come on another day to get healed. Jesus puts them to shame. We will explore which…
God calls Jeremiah to be a prophet, and Jeremiah is reluctant to begin this great task that God has called him to. God reminds him, that he was known by…